Palletways is Europe’s largest and fastest growing provider of express distribution services for small consignments of palletised goods. Through its 259 depots and 7 hub operations in the UK and mainland Europe, Palletways offers an unrivalled range of cost-effective, reliable, flexible and high quality palletised freight services to provide a competitive edge for its customers, who include manufacturers and suppliers of goods, retailers and wholesalers and other logistics providers.

The Palletways UK and Europe distribution network comprises depots, operated by independent and established logistics companies who combine each others’ resources to deliver goods faster and more cost effictively than ever before to market via one of seven hub operations in Lichfield, Edinburgh, Greenford, Paris, Nijmegen, Madrid and Bologna.

  • Goods collected by ourselves and consolidated locally for delivery to the U.K. hub
  • Freight is processed at the hub for cross-channel trunking.
  • Goods received in the relevant European hub, sorted for delivery to the local depot of the European customer.
  • Local European Palletways member collects goods and delivers them to the customer.
  • Deliveries and collections daily around the Palletways network.

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